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Christmas Crochet Hats For You With Free Tutorial

Hello!!! It's Christmas time, the whole family gathers for dinner. A remarkable moment where we revisit loved ones that we have not seen for so long and look forward to Christmas to review friends, relatives, people who are special to us. In this special time we want to give someone special that made so much difference in our lives. This someone can be a father, a brother who lives far away. Or it may also be a baby that just came. Children are the joy of home. Nothing is better than a house full of children to cheer, to inspire, to renew our family. At this very special time we have the custom of giving Christmas hats for the children to take a picture of. We also took lots of pictures with the family to put on the social network. It's wonderful, I can imagine that moment. A moment more than special for me, and I'm sure for you too. So remember that for a Christmas stay even more special it all depends on you. For a wonderful family get-together depends first and foremost on you. Why not start making Christmas hats to take pictures. Put together two things so good that it is Christmas and crochet. Will be very good. I'm sure this hat is going to be hotly contested. And everyone will want to use it to take a photo and put it on social networks. Very good. Christmas and crochet hats. These are two things that bring us many good memories. Make your Christmas a pleasant and unforgettable night. We have a video tutorial with step by step. A crochet pom pom tutorial also for your Christmas hat to stay perfect. Start right now your gift for the newest baby that is coming and you will realize how good it is to give a gift, maybe even better or equal to get a gift. We have tutorial for you who is learning crochet, can pause every time necessary.We have other ideas of christmas tree, christmas angels and other ideas of sweaters, blankets for you to enjoy. Do it yourself and share this idea with your friends. A big kiss to all


How to crochet with sequins

Hello. Once again we are presenting to you how to make crochet stitches with sequins. It is a very original idea and certainly worth observing. These are easy things to do as shown in the video below and you can certainly use this idea in sweaters, skirts, even on rugs. The sequins are widely used now at this holiday season. Especially in the New Year very used with a crocheted white blouse with sequins to give a chic look to the piece is beautiful. Enjoy the video has the step by step and it is very useful for you to learn and take advantage of an order that can arise in these days of much party. You can save this post and as soon as you need it you can open it anytime you want. Our web site you can avail various models of sweaters, dresses, blankets we have a variety of blankets for babies, for your home decor. For sure if you want to learn this crochet technique is right here that you find our models are amazing. It pays to learn for you, your family, and your friends. If you want to learn crochet as a form of income here too you can have access to several videos and tutorials with step by step to pause you as many times as necessary. Honey, do not waste time. Remember if I learned to crochet for sure you can also learn. And the time is always now. A kiss to all and a great week


sexta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2017

Crochet angels sing for Christmas

Christmas is knocking at the door and little angels are beautiful to place in its production pattern shop for your Christmas dinner. Angels are special and delight to anyone especially when they are made by their own hands. For sure they will be much appreciated by your guests There are thousands of people who love crochet pattern shop that take to do a little bit every day, and are always looking for a new pattern shop to do. That's why today I will pass them these graphics crochet angels pattern free. The pattern crochet charts are simple and easy to make, you can enjoy and start crocheting Christmas ornaments from now, or you can make them as a gift for anyone you want. One tip is to play with the colors and lines and wires that Christmas crochetpodeem give a finer touch to your little angel pattern shop, so get different results. In the gallery we also have a good portion of photos of models pattern crochet shop so you know a little more about what we present. We are always forward bringing graphics and images have cetreza you will be enchanted. Good job!!!!

 surce: http://handmade-paradise.ru/shemyi-azhurnyih-angelov-kryuchkom/

domingo, 22 de outubro de 2017

Christmas Crochet Inspirations with Free Graphics and Videos

Christmas is coming and you want to make something for Christmas at your house to receive friends and your family with a detail and a special touch made by your hands. Then you found !!! Here you can choose several models and inspirations very fast to do. Crochet patterns with inspirations for Christmas. You will fall in love with these Christmas patterns with crochet lines. For crochet fanatics you're sure to want to use at least some of these graphics below. They are pattern shop inspirations chosen especially for you who are passionate about yarns and crochet lines. And you can not fail to have a Christmas model made by you, placed on your Christmas tree or at your door, for dinner with your family, so special moments that deserve special decorations made by fairy hands like yours. If you are still starting and you are learning crochet, these are very easy to do stitches and some models need few lines to be made. So stay calm and enjoy yourself. Start today and until your Christmas you will surely learn how to make one of these models for your decoration. We also have a video with the free tutorial for you to learn slowly, as often as necessary. We have models models of Christmas bells made with very delicate gold lines. With the explanatory chart you can learn very quickly or with the help of a friend or a more experienced teacher then you can do in one day or at most in one week at least one of the pattern shop below. If I succeeded for sure you can also make these crochet patterns. Let's get started today. So good work, girls.


Skirt for crochet christmas tree

How many of us have a Christmas tree at home. Every year we set up our tree and put the Christmas presents. It is a very special moment that we live with our family and our relatives, the presents, the tree that surrounds all, the dinner, the children who join the tree. There's nothing better than putting together a crochet skirt for crochet lovers at this special time. This skirt is 10 different colors of crochet thread all related to Christmas colors. For crocheteras who are learning you can use crochet yarns that are according to your Christmas tree, you will like it very much. This crochet model will be presenting the tutorial for you that is learning. And we have the similar video so you can also learn another model and start today to make the model that you think is best. Enjoy and start making your skirt to the Christmas tree so that it gives time until the day of the great Christmas night and you inaugurate your skirt. I'm sure everyone will love this crochet pattern shop skirt. The strings are very easy to find and Grandma's square is also very simple. The color has all the special touch for Christmas day. Red is certainly the color that predominates in this crochet pattern. For crocheteras who are delighted with this pattern you can put the presents on top of the crochet skirt and see how it gives a special touch to your Christmas tree. There are twelve squares made of grandmother's square, the red one being the color that more pedomina in that skirt of crochet. Let's start!!!! Today. Good job to all !!!! 

See below crochet skirt pattern for similar Christmas tree


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Crochet out with chart and free recipe

Hello, today we have this beautiful pattern of crochet skirt for the summer season. Today I found the complete pattern of this skirt. The crochet skirts always so delicate and sometimes sexy. Get carried away by this trend, on the beaches and in your day to day, the skirts are always the darlings for you to vary when you want to use a different piece. Nothing better than wearing a nice skirt with pattern shop points for you or a gift for your family. I'm sure you'll love it. Amazing !!!! We have the same pattern of this line of crochet with shawls, and you can learn the pattern, check out our web site. We have baby blanket models, crochet blouses, creative ideas for you and your home. You can not lose. This skirt model combines in many environments, with any style of blouse, heeled shoes, or lower depends a lot on the style of blouse that you wear along with the skirt. Nowadays we have varieties of styles and you can use with great tranquility, very careful in the accessories so you do not go wrong. This skirt model we are presenting today is a pattern shop model with open stitches, so you need to wear a lining underneath the piece. Nowadays we have ready made pattern shop liners so you do not waste time and enjoy these models with more convenience and speed. You can with this pattern use also dress with these points looks very beautiful too, we have some models of dresses that I will introduce to you too. So choose for yourself or your family which you will do first and start doing this pattern shop right now. I hope you like it. A kiss!!!


terça-feira, 26 de setembro de 2017

Beautiful blouse with cropped model for summer

Beautiful blouse model for summer. The cropped blouse is being widely advertised on social networks and fashion all over the world. So nothing better than choosing a more discreet cropped blouse for every body type. For the skinny ones and for those who want to show their belly, but discreetly. This pattern shop of cropped blouse came with a more sophisticated pattern because it features a detail at the top of the piece, in the middle of the blouse, drawing more attention to the breasts and less to the belly despite the cropped model it has a slight opening edge of the piece, giving an extra light and can be used with a pair of jeans to hide your belly and make you more sensual. Or you can choose to make a longer piece and leave it a cropped more open and longer, it can also be an option for those who want to follow fashion and take advantage of trends. If you like to crochet and do not want to miss out on the news, do not waste time and follow us on the social networks and see every week in sweaters, baby dresses, blankets, carpets for decoration and lots of ideas for you to get involved in this world of crochet. You'll love experiencing this crochet blouse, you're sure to have a more sales option for your pattern shop. This blouse has a more closed pattern and does not need a top underneath the piece, so abuse the look and discover a line model and colors ideal for your skin tone, you will see how it gives a very big difference after the piece made . Below is a chart of all the points in this piece. I hope you enjoy a kiss !!!